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Call For Proposals

TEACHx 2020 consists of a half-day pre-conference with a focus on workshops on Wednesday, May 20, and a full-day conference with a variety of programming on Thursday, May 21.

This year’s theme is Maximizing Learning. Examples of how you might incorporate the Maximizing Learning theme in your submission could include: maximizing learning by creating inclusive learning environments; maximizing learning by using active learning techniques; or maximizing learning by reducing course costs.

Proposals addressing other themes are also welcome. Of particular interest are proposals that include practical strategies for implementing new techniques in the classroom or online.

Please submit your TEACHx 2020 session proposals by February 21, 2020.

Steps to Submit Your Proposal

TEACHx brings together instructors and staff for a day designed to showcase innovations in teaching and learning through technology. An overview of the steps to submit a proposal is below.

Step 1: Proposal Presenter(s)

Add presenter information to your submission.

Step 2: Session Information

Select your preferred session type and provide a session title and abstract; learning objectives; and engagement strategies.

Step 3: Review Schedule and Confirm

Review the TEACHx schedule to confirm that you and any co-presenters are able to attend.


TEACHx 2020 will focus on the theme of maximizing learning. Proposals addressing other themes are also welcome.

Session Types

  • Workshops: These 85-minute sessions give you the opportunity to spend more time with your participants, allowing you to dig deeper into a particular topic or tool. Workshops should be highly interactive, with the goal of engaging participants through structured activities.
  • Interactive Presentations: These sessions include 25 minutes of presentation time and 10 minutes for audience engagement or interaction, for a total of 35 minutes. Interactive presentations are opportunities to present in detail on a project while enabling audience participation.
  • Panels: These 35-minute facilitated conversations among panelists and the audience should focus on an issue, challenge, or idea pertinent to teaching and learning. Moderators should present a few key points to lead the discussion on this topic. The proposal should include the topic and engaging questions for discussion. List your panel moderator as the primary presenter.
  • Poster Sessions: These physical or digital poster sessions offer the opportunity to share campus experiences through informal, brief presentations focused on effective practices, research findings, educational technology solutions, or works in progress.
Submit Proposal

Submit Your Proposal
Deadline: February 21, 2020

Important Dates
  • Proposal Deadline:
    February 21, 2020
  • Presenters Notified:
    Late March 2020
  • TEACHx Pre-Conference:
    May 20, 2020
  • TEACHx:
    May 21, 2020