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2016 Projects

The links below provide project descriptions for the participants in TEACHx 2016 and in programs supporting blended learning, online learning, learning analytics, and active learning spaces.

Arancha Alarcon-Fleming: Incorporating Videos and Quizzes in Canvas

Emily Baran: Online Interactive Modular Curriculum for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Sara Broaders, Ben Gorvine, and Renee Engeln: Psychology Statistics Tutorials and Assessments

Alyson Carrel: Wearable Cameras for Better Self-Reflection

Chyi Chung: Flipped Classroom Learning and Teaching – Check!

Mark Clare: Using Technology to Support Micro-Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom

Margaret Danilovich and Jane Sullivan: AFFORDANCE: Assessing the Feasibility of Online Rotational Delivery of a Northwestern Course in Electrotherapeutics

Kate Dugan: Keeping the History of Christianity Contemporary: Canvas Pages and Yellowdig in Introduction to Christianity

Elisabeth Elliott and Carmen Finashina: Flipped Яussian

Matthew Graham: Crowdsourcing Mistakes and Adaptive Learning

Dan Gruber, Bill Parod, and Patricia Goldweic: Yellowdig Visualization Tool

David Halsted and Jackie Wickham: Data Analysis for Distance Learning Courses

Stacy Kaplan: Essential Digital Literacies for Speech Language Pathology Students

Elena Lanza: Rolling R’s and Taking Names: (Self-)Assessing Speaking in the Foreign Language Classroom Through Videoconferencing

Candy Lee: Interactive Geography Quiz for All Students at Northwestern University

Bryan Libbin: Three Classes, Three Universities: An Experiment in Virtual Learning Spaces

Monica Llorente: Empowering Students To Achieve Their Goals in Experiential Learning Courses

Franziska Lys, Matthew Taylor, and Sergei Kalugin: Custom Mobile App for Foreign Language Assessment

Jacqueline Ng and Bill White: Graphical Visualization of Online Discussion Boards and Their Positive Impact on Student Interactivity

Michael Peshkin and J. Alex Birdwell: Lightboard for Quick and Gorgeous Video Mini-Lectures

Andrew Rivers: Seeding Science Literacy: Student Engagement Through Discussion Environments

Patricia Scarampi, Aude Raymond, and Christiane Rey: Create Fun Interactive Videos for Language Learning with Zaption

Benjamin Schalet: Improving Discussion on Health Measurement with Yellowdig

Melissa Simon and Shaneah Taylor: Career 911: Your Future Job in Medicine and Healthcare

Karrie Snyder: Yellowdig and Pages: Encouraging Engagement and Analytical Thinking

Jamie Sommer: Collaborative and Peer Learning Opportunities for Upper-Level Law Students

Karen Springen: Canvas Became My Facebook!

Jackie Wickham: Natural Language Processing Analysis of Online Students’ Discussion Board Participation

Barry Wimpfheimer: The Talmud: A Methodological Introduction