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Flipped Classroom Learning and Teaching – Check!

Chyi Chung

Courses: Spanish 115-1 & Spanish 115-2
Students: 16 per class

Download the PDF – Chung: Flipped Classroom Learning and Teaching – Check!


When most people hear about the flipped classroom, all they think about are online instruction videos. After years of practice, many flipped-classroom educators have dispelled this myth and concur that flipped instruction is not just a synonym for online videos. The interaction and the meaningful activities that occur during face-to-face time are crucial for the success of the flipped-classroom model. My project “Flipped-Classroom Learning and Teaching—Check!” explores how the flipped-model approach (not just videos) can be helpful to students who are learning and instructors who are teaching in the foreign-language classroom.


The innovation of my project is not to use the flipped model to substitute for face-to-face instruction but as a tool to prepare students for class. I use pre-lesson quizzes on Canvas as pre-class assignments in which students study the material, complete the quizzes, and receive immediate feedback before coming to class, all at their own pace.

Objectives & Outcomes

My flipped classroom model encourages students to come prepared for the in-class activities during face-to-face instruction. This also allows me the benefit of seeing the pre-lesson quiz results before class and thereby the opportunity to tailor the class based on the students’ needs and weakness.


My project is still under way. I will study students’ in-class participation performance, grades, and the survey that I have conducted to determine results. As for now, I am certain that my students have more contact time with the target language outside of the classroom.

Lessons Learned

As a teacher, this project has taught me to shift the focus of my instruction. I now prepare for my classes not just thinking about “how” to deliver the course materials included in the syllabus, but also “what” the students need me to teach.