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Interactive Geography Quiz for All Students at Northwestern University

Candy Lee

Project: A geography quiz integrated in the Daily Northwestern website
Students: Open to all Northwestern students

Download the PDF – Lee: Interactive Geography Quiz for All Students at Northwestern University


We tested students, both undergraduate and graduate, and they have very limited knowledge of countries on a map. We want our students to understand global interdependence and become better global citizens, but the students lack the basic structure to attain this goal. By using a daily quiz question and tapping into millennials’ interest in gaming, we’re looking to improve students’ knowledge of our world. We will expand to include other international knowledge (from current events to complex issues) as well as licensing the game to other universities.


We will publish a daily quiz on the Daily Northwestern website and students will earn rewards as they demonstrate increasing knowledge.

Objectives & Outcomes

Students will demonstrate growing knowledge of our world.

We did a pre-test and students do not know where countries are—this project will improve students’ knowledge. Eventually, we want the questions to be more complex, so that responders have to think critically to ensure deeper knowledge of international events.


The pre-test knowledge of geography is low (42% of undergraduate students could not answer one of the five questions and over 50% of graduate students could not answer a question). We need to improve their knowledge of geography as soon as possible. The daily quiz questions will include several post-tests to help expand all Northwestern students’ knowledge of geography.

Lessons Learned

  1. How to develop an all-campus innovation that does not have one school as “home”
  2. How to utilize all facets of technology and visualization available at the university