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Create Fun Interactive Videos for Language Learning with Zaption

Patricia Scarampi, Aude Raymond, and Christiane Rey

Course: Intermediate French 121 and 125
Students: 140

Download the PDF – Scarampi, Raymond, and Rey: Create Fun Interactive Videos for Language Learning with Zaption


This project will be part of a flipped French course that we are currently building in which we wanted to have students watch assigned authentic videos in French.


Instead of watching a video and answering a worksheet, we wanted to take advantage of the tools integrated with Canvas to create a more interactive video where students could answer some questions and learn vocabulary within the video itself.

Objectives & Outcomes

With this tool, we expect:

  • To offer an individualized approach through adaptive methodology.
  • To give students a more detailed understanding of the video before coming to class.
  • To use the data seen in the analytics to identify the points that need to be clarified in class.
  • To spend more time in class on oral interaction.


We were able to create one model video, and we are planning to develop more videos during the summer, which we will be testing during 2016-2017 before integrating them in the implementation of a new flipped French course in Fall 2018. Watching and understanding French videos has always been very challenging and sometimes discouraging for some students. Thanks to the integration of questions and vocabulary, we expect that Zaption videos will help us offer a closely guided experience that will increase students’ confidence and improve their comprehension skills.

Lessons Learned

Our Canvas specialist was very flexible and very accommodating as the work got done at an irregular pace. If we had more time, we could have benefited more from her expertise. We are thankful for this opportunity because it gave us the framework and the support necessary to develop a pedagogical activity that will greatly enhance our teaching. Even if Zaption does not cover all our needs, it remains the best tool on the market for our project.