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Flipped Classroom Videos for HTML and CSS

Emily Withrow

Course: Foundations of Interactive Journalism, Medill
Students: 75

Download the PDF – Withrow: Flipped Classroom Videos for HTML and CSS


Foundations of Interactive Journalism is a required first-quarter class for students entering our MSJ program. The course includes basic instruction in HTML and CSS, but the 80+ students are split over as many as five different labs. In the past, it’s been difficult to create a consistent environment for students across sections, and across quarters.


To best serve the students, this project ascribes to the “flipped classroom” model, pushing the shared instructional content into lessons consumed outside the classroom. To do this, I examined the existing class structure, identified which elements would be best served by various external media, and wrote/scripted/shot short videos to accompany a static, complementary instructional website. The solution amounts to a series of technology tutorials around HTML and CSS, but with a direct journalism application (unlike existing resources on the web). My hope is that these videos can live beyond this class to our larger Medill and Northwestern community.


The project is under way and will be piloted in Summer 2016.